Season 2017-2018

We’re now rehearsing every week in St. Columba’s Church Hall, Stirling on a Tuesday evening 7.30 to 9.30 pm

Our main piece this year is Haydn’s Creation but we’ll soon be rehearsing our Christmas programme

Stirling Observer thrilled by Elijah!

The Stirling Observer gave us a fantastic review of our performance of Elijah!

‘truly magical and moving evening of music’
‘epic, dramatic song, characterised by rich, flowing accompaniment from
the Heisenberg Ensemble’
‘Brian Bannatyne-Scott’s deep vocal travelled beautifully in the hall’

‘I was stunned when […]the choir, who were all impressively uniformed in
black on the main stage, burst into song, a sound so large and strong it
really did lift the hairs on the back of my neck’

‘a cast of brilliant soloists’

‘I could not take my eyes from the mass choir, a stunning collective whose
powerful sound I will not readily forget’
‘this terrific institution is an example of the power of the collective
voice, and they created a truly epic night of music’
‘when the City Choir come to Albert Halls they really fill it with the
warmest, most engaging music and everyone must see them at least once’